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In the current context, your employees are increasingly affected by the lack of a physical limitation between work and home, the lack of safety and support, the lack of social interaction with the team. They start their work day much faster, without wasting time in traffic, but in fact they start the actual work much harder. They miss their morning coffee with the colleagues, where they shared what they had done in the evening before. It affects this fusion of professional life with personal life, which is inevitable in the context of working from home, especially those who have children. It is more difficult for them to concentrate and have a harder time completing tasks. Many times, they no longer feel part of the same team that works for the same goals, because the online meetings fail to compensate for the rest of the hours in the work schedule and which they spend alone, in front of the screen. The laptop screen cannot transmit the same emotion and energy as being at the office.

The transition from the activity-based benefit package to the lifestyle-based benefit package

The pandemic context has brought major changes in the way we see the benefits at work. The gym membership, restaurant discounts and event tickets have dropped to a much lower position in the top of the benefits of interest for your employees.

Instead, there is a growing interest in the balance between professional and personal life, in a lifestyle that takes into consideration the mental and emotional comfort.

The new context has also significantly changed the perspective of employers – the organizational culture we want to promote can no longer be transmitted through office design, relaxation rooms, office massage or other facilities that have contributed to the well-being of our employees.

So, how do we adapt and keep our employees happy in the next period?

Just because most employees work from home it doesn’t mean you can no longer offer a relevant and valuable benefit package.

Yes, participating in various group sports activities and maintaining a fashionable lifestyle are no longer priorities for your employees. But what about their mental health, the comfort of tomorrow’s safety, and their sense of belonging to the team?

The current challenges prove that only those who understand what the relationship between the company and the employee means will really make a difference. What does it consist of? Empathy. In making the employee feel that you are really by their side, that you support them in the new problems they are facing, that you understand their circumstances and offer them valuable solutions. That you help them look at tomorrow with less stress and more optimism.

That is why, at the moment, it is vital to implement in your company tools that will help employees. Even in this context, investing in employer branding is still one of the most important investments you need to make in your company.

The value of concierge services in the Employee Care by Consiergo benefits package

Employee Care by Consiergo Services (services presentation page link) offers the employee the benefit of having constant, unlimited support, regardless of requirements. By choosing these services, you create value for both the company and the employees – you save their time, money and improve their balance between personal and professional life.

How did we create this service package? Starting from the lifestyle and needs of the employee in the current context. Then we removed the word “can’t” from the vocabulary and added some very important attributes: anywhere, anytime, anything (Because Wish – Say – Get, right?). Whether it’s an emergency or a time-limited or travel challenge, the Consiergo team supports employees at any time through Employee Care:


Family and home: An extra hour off can mean a lot in a day when you don’t have to pick up laundry clothes, go shopping, pick up your car from washing or service, find a plumber for the leaking faucet or a repairman for the washing machine. Actually, they still have to be fixed, only someone else makes them. A task less on the daily list is equal to mental and physical relaxation.

Child care and education: The needs and development of children always come first, whether we are talking about access to education experts for local or international schools, teachers for tuition or hobbies, nannies, psychologists, pediatricians, or even developing a customized plan leisure activity. And obviously, we all want to offer the best options to the next generation.

Elderly support: When it comes to caring for grandparents or parents, nothing is too much or too hard. They gave us the same thing, now is the time to reward them. Consiergo provides support in caring for them, through food and medicine delivery services, home medical tests, medical recommendations, recruitment of care personal, recommendations for nursing homes or safe car transfer whenever needed.

Premium services: Your employees will feel like they are part of a VIP club when they receive airport assistance or destination management services – ticket purchase, finding accommodation and reservations.

What happens when you provide concierge services as part of the benefits package?

You trully differentiate yourself from other employers in the market.

We live in the speed century. We are all busier than ever. Your most valuable employees are those who are actively involved and turn their full attention towards their professional tasks. But what about their personal lives? In this context, offering them concierge services in the benefits package is no longer a luxury – it becomes a necessity. Most Silicon Valley companies and the Netflix and Facebook giants have understood this and have been doing so for several years. This trend will get stonger and stronger in our country in the next period.

You are truly appreciated by employees.

Employee Care by Consiergo services are an easy and integrated way to provide benefits that have a real impact on the lives of your employees:

Employees and their families will enjoy help, the security of constant support and a better mental state – less stress, less worry, more relaxation;

Your employees will feel that they are part of a team that cares about their well-being, truly respects and appreciates them.

Increase productivity and loyalty. Over 75% of employees solve tasks related to personal life during working hours. You also benefit from the release of the employee program – as an employer – you will notice a significant increase in the level of productivity and efficiency in the work of your employees. And, most importantlly, you will notice an increase in loyalty – they will think twice before leaving a job that offers them such valuable benefits.

Which companies can benefit from Employee Care by Consiergo services?

Any company. There is no limit on the number of employees, geographical location or field of activity. We are here, 24/7, for every employee in Romania.

How do you bring Employee Care by Consiergo services to your company?

Share with us some details about your company and the lifestyle of your employees, and we will offer you the most suitable service package for your company. You will pay a fixed monthly cost, based on subscription (web page link with details) depending on the number of employees.

Requests from your employees are not limited in number./ Your employees can benefit of an unlimited number of requests.

Did we convince you? Write us your contact details and we promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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