Based on our unrivaled repertoire of lifestyle expertise, Corporate Consiergo clients are supported by personalized programs, leaving the day-to-day to our passionate experts. Our relationships with our partners are powerful, and our knowledge of the high-end sector is applied in unique and creative ways in your business.


  • We customize your customer rewards programs to meet your specific requirements.

  • Together with your team, our specialists create the plan for your personalized experience. The stages of the journey are defined by us.

  • Our team works tirelessly to deliver complex and innovative programs fastly and efficiently.

  • Using jointly defined key performance and quality indicators, we keep tabs on the progress.

  • Monthly reports allow us to constantly evaluate the performance and make improvements.

  • For your customers' benefit, we are constantly updating our offerings.

Clients & Partners Rewards

Our corporate concierge services have successfully served clients in banking, real estate, telecom, IT, pharmaceuticals, and other industries. We can provide proven recognition strategies to a variety of corporate clientele. Among the many advantages of a corporate concierge service for clients are:

  • Provide measurable ROI for business partner’s retention
  • Create strong brand recognition programs
  • Manage corporate travel, both personal and tailored to your corporate requirements
  • Design bespoke personalized solutions
  • Provide a powerful brand differentiator

The offer can be customized to your very unique needs.

Loyalty programs for employees

Acquire and retain life-long, quality talents. A Consiergo subscription offers employees:

  • Access to lifestyle, medical, home care, travel, and events (local and international) services
  • A support crew is available 24/7
Concierge packages assist businesses:

  • Recognize and honor key team members
  • Gain time to focus on business objectives

The offer can be tailored to your company's needs and the number of people you wish to reward.


Consiergo recognizes that no two businesses are alike, so our corporate programs are tailored to each individual. Some of the corporate concierge programs include:

  • Branding / White-Label Solutions
  • Unique marketing tools like membership cards
  • Complete program management and reporting