CONSIERGO was born from a question – What is the most invaluable resource our clients have? The answer is simple  – Time. I started thinking about how I could offer more time and care to my clients. The obvious solution was through personalised services. So, in 2010, immediately after the financial crisis, I decided to start the first full-service concierge company in Romania.

At that point, the question was: how can businesses keep their existing customers or attract new ones? The same challenge is still valid today. I thought, then, that it was time for these brands and enterprises to modify their strategy and keep their customers, partners, and even employees by providing personalised services.

CONSIERGO means strong partnerships in the country and in the world, extensive knowledge, and appreciation of the local culture. Over time, our clients have come to understand that their needs and desires are much better taken care of and addressed by a local concierge with international exposure. CONSIERGO is a team of highly trained people in different areas of expertise with a lot of dedication, hard work, exigency, attention to detail, and 24/7 availability, regardless of the time of year. CONSIERGO always finds the right doors to open for our clients and solves whatever need they have.

Moreover, it means always being up to date with what’s new, continually adapting, and even being ahead of the times in certain aspects. What suits a client from London doesn’t always suit a Romanian one, so you have to have the ability to identify the bespoke solution for each request.

Carmen Voicu, CEO of CONSIERGO


Our sole focus is on providing excellent customer service. Our profession is characterized by a commitment to putting the needs of the client first. Since the beginning of our company, we have devoted ourselves to delivering the highest level of quality.


10+ years expertise in personalized services and bespoke lifestyle creation
Selected & accredited by VISA to serve high – end clients across Europe
Working for the most important clients of top 10 financial institutions
Fast growing local and international partner network with 200+ luxury suppliers
24/7 membership assistance via phone, email, or our Consiergo mobile app
What is hot and happening worldwide directly in your Consiergo Mobile App


With a team with over 15 years of experience in the field and a professional and personalized approach to services, CONSIERGO has earned appreciation among its clients, having in its portfolio important names in Romania and abroad.