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This spring brings to the theatre stages numerous plays inspired by both Romanian and foreign writers. The personal concierge assistants are available 24/7 to help you with your reservations and to provide you with the best seats. Here are our recommendations.

The Seagull – Anton Pavlovici Cehov – Unteatru

Staged for the first time in 1896, “The Seagull” now takes place at Unteatru. The play received five UNITER 2019 nominalizations for “The best show”, “The best actors in secondary roles” and “The best actors in leading roles”. “I hope this version will be the last and even if we won`t solve the mystery of how a play that ends with a violent death is categorized by Cehov as a comedy, I have the trust that together we will (re)discover the paradox of how in theatre the only permanent thing is the permanent change. If we accept that no conclusion is final, we can begin our search”, said the director Andrei Șerban about “The Seagull”.

Forest of the Hanged –  Liviu Rebreanu – National Theatre Bucharest

The most demanded play this year is definitely “Forest of the Hanged”. As the journalist Marina Constantinescu says, “Forest of the Hanged, directed by Radu Afrim not only brings the text of the Romanian author in the present days and not only it uses the newest aesthetic ways of the contemporary theatre, but it makes the connection with the political situation in Romania, with the European one in its whole and maybe with the global one, raising a question for everybody nowadays: Where are we heading to?”. Nominalized for four UNITER prizes, “Forest of the Hanged” is a must see.

One flew over the Cuckoo`s Nest – Dale Wasserman – Metropolis Theatre

Directed by Victor Ioan Frunză, the play “One flew over the Cuckoo`s Nest” “keeps its entire force and beauty, gaining the spirit of a new era, subtlely speaking about its problems and permanently searching for deeper layers. The greatest problem being exposed in Victor Ioan Frunză`s show is the one of liberty…of course, and of censor, but in a subtler form and more nuanced than in the communist’s days” says the critic Monica Andreescu.

Richard III – William Shakespeare – Bulandra Theatre

Marius Manole will be in the leading role of the play “Richard III”, which will be directed by Andrei Șerban, from March, at Bulandra Theatre. “Richard III is a maturity role, a profound one, a character who combines weakness with brutality, a character who knows to dance on the music of conspiracy, slander, hidden thoughts, a character who seems to be created for an actor with endless interpretative valences, as Marius is today” says the founder of LiterNet, Răzvan Penescu.

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