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When it comes to traveling, whether personal or professional, we always want to organize everything as detailed as possible.

A business trip is challenging because you have to focus on the main tasks, while having perfect organization, specialized recommendations and…a drop of luxury for you and your partners.

In this situation, the help comes from the personal assistant provided by a concierge company that can handle all the details, giving you the time and the energy to focus on the bottom-line and to attain the purpose of your journey.

Here is a list of the main reasons why you should take into consideration personal assistance for your next business trip.

The guarantee of the best choice thanks to corporate concierge

If you are going to an unknown city, you will have to search for the best option for accommodation or transport.

Ease your work (or your secretary’s) and send a request to your concierge. Your personal assistant will only make documented and tested choices that will perfectly match your goals and tastes.

A strategically placed hotel, a reliable transport service and a list of the best restaurants will be the highlights of your trip.

Leaving everything into the hands of the trustworthy team, gives you more time to focus on business and on the things you really want to do.

In addition, a close concierge service, assists you 24/7 on any matter – you can call at any time for any type of problem: from a hotel room upgrade to emergency medical services or for buying family gifts.

Focus on business tasks

A business trip involves not only office meetings, but also business lunches, networking sessions and relaxing time with the clients.

But you do not have to deflect yourself from what really matters if you turn to a personal concierge.

As you set up your partner meetings or focus on the presentation that you need to deliver, your assistant will take care of the details – the restaurants you need to visit, the places where you can take your most important clients, arrange short tours of the city you are traveling to.

From now on, you don’t have to search for yourself the best tapas bar in the city or what museums to visit, the concierge makes the best recommendations. And, if you get an idea on the ground, successful deployment is at a phone call distance – just have your concierge on the speed dial.

A drop of luxury

The frequent business trips may prove to be exhausting, so a touch of luxury should never be avoided. A concierge company can include such moments in your program, small pampering sessions that matter. Thus, you can enjoy VIP passes and private transports in the airport, a personal car waiting for you at the airplane scale, a bottle of your favorite wine in the hotel room or full access to the most luxurious spa in the city. You just have to think about what makes your trip easier, and your personal assistant is at your fingertips.

If you are convinced that you have to leave business trips into the hands of a personal assistant, Consiergo is available 24/7 – 0737.410.000 thanks to the corporate concierge package.

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