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A dinner reservation at a Michelin-starred restaurant with long waiting lists, arrangements for visiting business partners in Romania, or a gratitude token for a top customer – these are services traditionally handled by the administrative staff, already loaded with thousands of other tasks.

In a world where details always make a paramount difference and everything has to be organized with the utmost care and confidentiality, nothing can be left to chance.

Such tasks can be successfully outsourced to a concierge company that will permanently work in the interests of the business, employees and customers.

Do you want to know more? Consiergo specialists can explain.

Corporate concierge for your business

As the business grows, services such as IT or accounting are transferred to external experts, always up-to-date with the industry news. The concierge company is similar to an external consultant, to which you can hand over the tasks left nowadays, most of the time, in the care of the administrative staff. The concierge company will upgrade them to a completely different level. They can handle the simplest schedules or travel arrangements, but the real advantage is that they will help you achieve the impossible. Nothing is too much or too complicated for this team of personal assistants with new ideas and unlimited connections. The colleagues in your team will be able to focus on their everyday tasks, knowing that these special requests – not within their expertise area – are taken care of by a highly trained concierge team.

Corporate concierge for your employees

In a competitive market, occasional bonuses or teambuilding can no longer guarantee the loyalty of top employees. An extra benefit, however, like access to a concierge, can make an important difference. Not only will your employees feel appreciated and protected, they will also have more time and openness for office tasks, knowing that someone is dealing with their daily problems. Less time lost and  less stress for daily tasks mean more peace and focus, beneficial to both the employee and business in general.

Corporate concierge for your clients

If you are always looking for new ways to reward your loyal customers, give them something essential – time – for them personally, their families, and their businesses. Provide them with comprehensive concierge service packs, proving that you really care about their welfare. A satisfied customer is a customer who will always recommend you further, so you can consider this step as a sustainable investment for the future. The impeccable concierge services you receive will capitalise on your relationship, which will help you cultivate and strengthen your connection with that customer.

If corporate concierge services make sense to your business, we invite you to discuss more about how we can work together.

At Consiergo we serve over 6,000 premium clients from financial, banking, telecom, pharma, law firms or real estate developers. We would also like to work for your business, so you can contact us at +4 0737.410.000.

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