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Movies like “Love Actually” and “Serendipity” make finding the perfect Christmas gift look like a blast. Buying presents as an adult just is less fun than we had imagined it would be. We love shopping for the closest ones, but it’s a chore to buy presents for the people that we don’t know that well. Here is where Consiergo provides a way around this problem. 

Having someone else handle your present shopping is nothing new. In the last eight years, a slew of web-based firms has emerged to take care of the grunt work on your behalf. 

Giving gifts is a universal practice that all cultures utilize to build social ties. The practice is often centered during winter holidays. According to substantial social science studies, women are usually responsible for purchasing gifts for clients or workers in workplaces. Wives are entrusted with choosing gifts for the entire family.

It should come as no surprise that female entrepreneurs started the majority of concierge firms, including Consiergo. Customers describe the person and event they are making purchases (think: baby showers, housewarmings, birthdays, and promotions), and Consiergo will provide the best solutions that fit the criteria. Following their selection, the present is tastefully packaged, frequently with a handwritten message, and shipped right to the receiver.

Men occasionally require more assistance when it comes to gift-buying. Concierges are especially helpful when buying a present for Valentine’s Day or Christmas. “Men, men come to us when they are scared by the dilemma of deciding whether their wife would like a scarf or a purse and which brand to choose,” says Carmen Voicu, Founder of Consiergo.

How the pandemic changed gift giving

COVID-19 has boosted the market for gift concierge services. When everyone was cut off from friends and family and the world fell into lockdown, sending presents became a vital tool for establishing connectivity. Nobody was allowed to go out for breakfast with their mother on Mother’s Day or hang out with a friend on their birthday. Even when we weren’t in contact, we were all trying to build healthy ties.

In 2020 and 2021, there was a rise in consumer awareness of these giving services, and since then, commerce has accelerated.

How to make an ordered gift feel personal

It can be challenging to outsource gift-buying in any of these situations. There is a social expectation that giving gifts should be a private activity in which the recipient is carefully chosen. 

In addition to making the procedure simple and effective for the giver, Consiergo selects the right gift with care. 

Carmen Voicu says, “We crave a sense of connection with others. The environment and experience around the object truly make it a gift, even though an object is involved. A concierge can help by taking away a laborious and time-consuming task, but the present inside can be no less thoughtful.”

With Christmas just around the corner, don’t hesitate to call us at (004) 0737.410.000 and let us take care of this year’s shopping list!

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