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Working with Consiergo has numerous advantages. We will organize every part of your life that you don’t have time, motivation, or competence to accomplish yourself so that you may make the most of your spare time. We’ll plan your vacations, recommend and book restaurants and bars throughout the world, get tickets to theater, concerts, and VIP events, and provide lifestyle advice.

We can also assist you with day-to-day jobs and errands to make your life easier (finding a decent gym, delivering flowers to a family member, or planning a Christmas party, for example) — think of us as a virtual personal assistant for your free time. You work with one company that functions as an integrator and can solve whatever issue you may have.

Who Can Benefit from Concierge Services?

Concierge services are for busy individuals who want or need someone to assist them in managing their lives— it’s for those who would rather spend their time enjoying life rather than planning to enjoy life. It’s also for those who seek excellent service, access to insider knowledge, and access to exclusive events and services.

Concierge service may save you time, provide convenience, keep you informed, and give you exclusive access.

A Proactive Personal Service Tailored to You

The top concierge services will provide you with your own personal concierge, so you can interact with the same individual for all of your demands at all times. Your lifestyle manager will get to know your preferences and anticipate your needs, providing proactive service and anticipating what you want to accomplish.

Your Own Personal Search Engine and Guidebook

Researching vacation destinations, making hotel and restaurant reservations, or finding a unique birthday or anniversary present may be time-consuming and exhausting. Why go online and search aimlessly when you can get a personal referral from an expert with a large network of contacts? We’ll refer you to someone you can trust, reducing the risk of entering uncharted territory.

The biggest benefit of a concierge service, according to most clients, is that it frees up valuable time, allowing them to spend it doing the things they like rather than researching, sourcing, and booking them.
Here, at Consiergo, we provide the most valuable commodity in today’s market: your time.

Use an expert’s insider knowledge and skills to your advantage.

A competent concierge service will always be on the lookout for the finest of everything to recommend to their clients, so you’ll benefit from their insider knowledge and experience. Do you want to know where to stay in Paris? What is New York’s finest new restaurant? The Caribbean’s most remote beach resort? Is there a secret pub in London? Your concierge will be aware of this.

We offer a monthly newsletter and a lifestyle blog with information on the greatest new restaurants, hotels, and exclusive events, both of which are exclusively for our members.

The Advantage

It’s not always about saving time or providing solutions to problems you can’t handle on your own; sometimes it’s about the convenience of having someone on hand, at the end of the phone or email, to help you run your life and make the most of your spare time. That’s all there is to it.

Complimentary Benefits and Special Privileges

A real concierge service will go to great lengths to secure special rights and perks for its clients, looking for ways to add value wherever feasible. Whether it’s a free upgrade and other perks at top luxury and boutique hotels, a priority reservation and complimentary drinks at the best restaurants, free entrance to exclusive clubs, or savings on a variety of other lifestyle services, there’s something for everyone.

Your Help at Home

A concierge can help you find any home service you need to improve your quality of life. Do you want to employ a cleaning service? How can you locate a reputable decorator? Are you looking for a nanny? Your concierge will be able to assist you.

Exclusive access

We can get tickets to a broad range of exclusive and sold-out events, including music concerts, theatre and opera performances, sports tournaments, premieres, charity balls, and events in the worlds of cinema, fashion, and television, as well as VIP and hospitality tickets.

We provide VIP tickets and boxes at all major music venues for music aficionados, so you’ll never miss your favorite performer.

We always love a challenge. Contact us today and put us to the test! Consiergo is here to change your life for the better.


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