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We know what you’re thinking: a concierge is a luxury service for people who stay at five-star hotels and dine at Michelin-starred restaurants.

But what if we told you that concierge services could be a benefit to your company’s employees? And not just for top managers. The concierge can serve all levels of an organization and in almost any work environment.

Most likely, you will have more questions: What is an employee concierge service? What companies can offer concierge services to their employees? What services does it offer? It sounds great to employees, but what are the benefits for employers?

What is an employee concierge service?

The concierge services offered to the employees is a benefit financed by the employer and which reduces the pressure on the employees’ shoulders by taking over and solving the daily personal and family requests, time consuming and  stressful; saves time for them and family; solves less usual requests, having access to specialists and suppliers tested, of quality, in safe conditions.

Which companies could benefit from concierge services?

Small businesses or large corporations benefit from these services because they allow employees to focus on tasks that are productive, leaving time-consuming personal and family tasks to be handled by the concierge service the employer works with. Companies offer concierge services to improve health and reduce employee stress.

Organizations that want to provide support to employees that work from home and those focusing on employee well-being and work-life balance. Organizations that need alternative benefits to the current ones that no longer find their utility in the context of the pandemic (going to the gym or massage at the office). Organizations focused on recruitment and retention strategies.

Real estate management companies can provide concierge services for their tenants, to add value to their properties and to increase their attractiveness for rent or sale.

Hospitals, medical centers and health clinics around the world use concierge services so that medical staff can benefit from support when they have long and tiring shifts. In turn, patients may have requirements while hospitalized or may request support for their family while in the hospital.

What concierge services are offered to employees?

From plumbers, electricians, air conditioning repairs or small home repairs, cleaning, moving services, door to door car and delivery services, service, car wash to the search for various information, safe car transfers, recommendations and tickets for sports and cultural events, restaurant reservations.

From access to educational experts for school selection to finding the right teachers for science, math, piano, dance, acting, foreign languages ​​and other children’s hobbies. From personalized suggestions for leisure, cultural, sports or creative activities to the recommendation of psychologists for children or nannies.

From the delivery of food and medicine for the elderly in the family, to the recruitment of home care staff.

The employer covers the cost of the concierge while the employees are responsible for the actual expenses with the requested services (for example: car repair or the child’s math lesson). The implementation is extremely simple through our concierge mobile application and a dedicated call center.

Everyone needs a helping hand sometimes. Because no one is exempt from feeling stressed, overwhelmed or overwhelmed. And a concierge company is an integrator of such services offered to employees, a practical solution to keep your employees happy and focused at work. Because when employees feel better, they work better.

With an experience of 10 years and thousands of clients and resolved requests, CONSIERGO is the only full-service concierge company in Romania, with an impressive portfolio of clients and top suppliers in all fields: Business & Personal, Lifestyle & Wellness, Home & Administrative, Medical Recommendations, Tourism & Events.

For company employees, Consiergo offers EmployeeCare, a product with concierge activities in the categories: Home and Family, Children and Education, Elderly Care.

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