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When it comes to members only clubs, it is obvious that London and New York are the top destinations. But if you wish to experience more, you should be aware that lots of European cities have such hidden treasures. From the Swedish club where you may have the chance to meet the Royal Family to a rendez-vous spot of the creative minds from Paris – check the most exclusive private clubs in the world. Don’t forget! Your personal assistant can facilitate your admission into the meeting venues of the most rich & famous Europeans!

1. Noppe, Stockholm

Noppe Bar was created by Count Carl Adam “Noppe” Lewenhaupt. It is the place where you can meet members of the royal family or local celebrities. Members’privileges include: concerts and private events organized in-house, golf tours on the most exclusivist fields, and a fabulous party organized each summer.

2. Club 1930, Milano

If you like urban discoveries, Club 1930 is the perfect choice for you. Hidden behind a common neighborhood , the location opens its doors just for special guests . Once you pass the secret entrance, you will find a very relaxing spot where you can meet international models during Fashion Week in Milan for example.

3. Thirty Nine Monte Carlo, Monte Carlo

Freshly inaugurated, in 2016, by Ross Beattie, a well known rugby player, the club focuses on wellness and relaxation. It aims to being a real oasis for the guests who want to escape the city crowds, offering access to high-tech sport equipment and to the best trainers. The luxurious amenities are often used by Prince Albert for trainings conducted by professional sportsmen.

4. Soho House, Istanbul

Opened in 2015, Soho House is situated in the hippiest neighborhood of the city. It consists of 4 spaces – the Corpi Building, the Annex Building, the Chancery Building and the Glass Building. They  accommodate a 49 seats cinema, an exclusivist spa, a top gym and two restaurants.

5. Silencio, Paris

David Lynch is the man behind this exclusivist club in Paris, a must-see for the underground current lovers. Silencio is meant to introduce  you to the atmosphere of the Parisian salons from the XVIIth century. Meantime it reminds you of the eclectic rhytm of Studio 54. It is the favorite meeting point of the creative community of Paris, but also the place where international celebrities like ASAP Rocky or Caecilia Tripp meet.

If you already dream of a legendary evening in any of these members only clubs, all you have to do is tell us and your  personal Consiergo assistant will take charge of organizing your entire trip.

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