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Have you given any attention to your summer bucket list? The leisurely summers of old are long gone. As a grownup, summer is all about errands, neighborhood events, and completing a never-ending list of house maintenance jobs.

What if we told you that you could once more enjoy a restful summer break? And by real break, I mean total detachment! So that you may relax by the pool and start reading from your summer reading list, here’s how Consiergo can help you manage your summer to-do list.

Maintenance of pools

If you want to spend the most of the summer relaxing by the pool, pool upkeep should be at the top of your list of summer tasks. Your Personal Concierge will ensure that your pool is the summer haven you’ve been dreaming of, taking care of everything from routine pool maintenance and cleaning to locating the ideal floaty for your daughter’s pool party!

Upkeep of your lawn and landscaping

Your lawn will be the shining jewel of your block with weekly or every other week upkeep! The best lawn care company will be located, their services will be scheduled, and their to-do list will be managed on your behalf by a Personal Concierge from Consiergo.

In charge of an HVAC tune-up

What could be worse in the heat of summer than a broken air conditioner? Perhaps a broken heater in the dead of winter, but let’s concentrate on this moment. Work with your Personal Concierge to set up a tune-up for your HVAC before you find yourself in a sticky (and sweaty) scenario. You’ll be prepared in this manner even on the hottest (and coldest) days of the year.

Fruit and Vegetables Pickup and Selection

Nothing compares to the summertime seasonal vegetables! A Personal Concierge will locate the ideal provider for your needs and price range and handle the weekly pick-up so you won’t have to do anything but eat some more blueberries.

Making Summer Vacation Plans

A summer vacation is the epitome of “Summer break”! To organise your summer trip from beginning to end, work with a Personal Concierge who has expertise making travel arrangements. Just let them know where you’d want to travel, and they’ll take care of booking the flights, making dinner reservations, getting tickets for attractions, and more. Just be sure to arrive ready to unwind.

Shopping for school supplies

Soon enough, summer will be over. Even though we hate to see it go, it could be a comfort to know that your children will be returning to school and being out of your hair. To ensure a smooth transition to back-to-school, work with a personal concierge! They’ll traverse the challenging supply list for the classroom and affix everything by the start of the school year.

Let’s Get the Summer Off to a Good Start!

This summer, we hope you get to do more of the activities you enjoy. We, the Consiergo team, can assist you with organising your house, way of life, and full summer to-do list so you may resume enjoying that well-earned mojito by the pool. Contact us, today!

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