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Although the classic will always have its way, we all want to bring a new approach when it comes to gifts for the special people in our lives. Flowers never lose their charm, but offer them next to a fantastic gift. A one of a kind piece of jewelry, a fabulous holiday in a less known place – what will you choose?

Although it seems complicated, all you have to do when you want to give is think well about that person and leave your creativity play with ideas. Since every time we see a rainbow after the rain we smile, why not see it more often in our room? With a small Swarovski Crystal plate placed properly, you can smile daily on the dozens of rainbows that will be reflected on the walls of the room. Who wouldn’t want such a joy?!

Another fabulous decorative object that any woman will adore from the first second is a jewelry and cosmetics carrier with a Vintage twist. Every time she sits in front of the mirror, in the morning, before starting her day or in the evening, before she goes out, a stylish space with a sophisticated air will offer her that special mood that makes her feel elegant and feminine. It is precisely that boost of energy and sense that every woman needs. Details of this kind always make the difference!

Of course, although the material objects matter, nothing compares to an unforgettable experience in a special place, that not many people speak about. A place where the key words are: elegance, classical music and historical architecture. Does it already sound tempting? Riga, the capital of Latvia, is a place with an impressive history that envelops you in its charm every time you walk in the old center or the medieval streets.

What will you choose? Call your personal Consiergo assistant to discuss the details for the March gifts!

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