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When you want to escape the daily hustle and to recharge your batteries, look for another kind of beauty, the one that’s related to art. See below our cultural events recommendations for March.


The #CEPUNEMÎNRAMĂ? – DIALOG CU PUBLICUL LA PRIMA CONFERINȚĂ manifest will be held on March 6, at ARCUB. You will have the privilege to talk to the Belgian  artist Pierre Van Hulle. He will encourage a dialogue with the public within the first conference of the year. The audience is the guarantor of the quality of the contemporary art so this is a good reason for a positive debate about experimenting with creative concepts.

If fashion is one of your passions then you must check on March 7 the exhibition called „The History of European Fashion – Elegance, style and luxury”, at 40, Popa Soare street! You will have the chance to discover the most spectacular fashion moments in the costume history as well as style statements in Europe.

On March 15 and 16, the symphonic orchestra of The “George Enescu” Philharmonic will hold a concert at the Romanian Athenaeum. The program contains recitals by Frédéric Chopin and Johannes Brahms. Now this is a music event you must note on your agenda!

The choreographer Gigi Căciuleanu will present at the National Theater an exquisite show. On March 17 you are invited to see L’Om Dada – a manifest about the human destiny and dadaism.

If you didn’t have time to book tickets at the Gaițele play you need to go at the Odeon theater this month! Written by Alexandru Kiriţescu, and directed by Alexandru Dabija, this story will run on March 21, 7 PM.

Call your personal assistant from Consiergo to book tickets to any show and cultural event. Contact: 0737 410 000.

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