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Truffles, these mushrooms loved by kings since Ancient Rome, are an exclusive treat. A hunting game sounds tempting?

The price of the truffles has remained high throughout the centuries, yet, they are now easier to buy. One kilogram of truffles costs more than 2,500 euros.

Over 100 varieties of truffles can be found on our continent, but the most enticing are, you guessed, in Italy and France. The land around the oak, pine, alder and chestnut trees is rich in the precious capture!

“Périgord Truffle” or “The Black Diamond of Provence” is one of the most coveted types. It is grown mainly in Italy, Spain and France, the best times for picking ranging from November to March, with January to February as the peak season.

The Piedmont Truffle or White Truffle from Alba can be found both in Italy and Croatia. It has a gentle flavor of garlic, unlike the black truffle that impresses with its earthy flavor.

San Miniato is a town in Tuscany, near Pisa, where the “expedition” lasts for a whole day. The family dealing with this experience will first explain what the truffles are, then, with the help of especially trained dogs, the hunt can begin. The afternoon ends with a visit to a local vineyard and a moment of delightful delicacies that have as a “star” ingredient this full of flavor mushroom!

You will love the “black diamond” after a day in San Giovanni d’Asso! Located in Siena province, the Italian town offers you a guided tour through an area where plenty of truffles can be found, an incursion into the Tuscan culinary tradition and lunch at Osteria delle Crete, where you will taste the homemade tagliolini pasta.

France holds a festival of truffles at the beginning of February in Dordogne. What do you say about learning from truffle growers, tasting local dishes, and visiting exhibitions and themed parks? It is worth experiencing a French day a la campagne!

Choose a destination for truffle hunting and let’s shape together the experience you dreamed of!

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