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The main benefit of the concierge services offered by your company to its employees is spending less time and no stress for them in solving family and personal requests.

In the context of the pandemic, work from home and online school, this balance has become very fragile: more working hours, increased stress and the loss of balance between work and home!

Studies show that 75% of employees take care of personal responsibilities while working, sometimes spending almost a third of their time working for personal tasks. The average employee is wasting more than 2.9 hours a day for personal problems (source: If a company is offering a concierge service to the employee, therefore a dedicated team to tend to their personal tasks while working, it may be that these numbers are not completely reduced, but it certainly is a step forward in the right direction.

A third out of the first 100 Top Fortune best to work for companies offer concierge services to their employees.

In 2025, 75% of the employees will consist of the Millennials, to whom the personal time and benefits are the most important aspects and companies have to understand that they want different functions and have different expectations from their working place.

The concierge services which are offered to the employees include: taking care of the children or the elderly in the familiy, car services ( door to door, technical check ups, towing, washing etc.), house services ( electricians, cleaning, plumbers ), but also recommendations on spending their spare time, recommending of educational and medical experts, tickets to cultural and sport events and other tasks that the employees don’t have the time to do or they don’t want to, which leads to stress and lack of focus on the work activity.

By offering concierge services, the employers will benefit of an increased productivity from the employees, by reducing the time alloted to personal tasks during working hours and which have nothing to do with office work. These types of work/personal life benefits help the employers in recruiting efforts and keeping the valuable workers, thus adding to the workers’ satisfaction and keeping the company’s culture, in these troubled times of the pandemic.

Employers contact a concierge service provider who is an integrator of services needed by their employees and family, and who has the experience, knowledge and teams developed to handle such requests, carefully and confidentially. Both the employer and the employee discuss with one partner, the concierge company, to solve a wide range of needs.

The employer is covering the cost of the concierge while the employees are responsible for the actual costs for the requested services ( for instance: car repairs or the math lesson for the child ). Implementing the concierge is really simple through the mobile concierge app and the dedicated call center.

With an experience of almost 10 years, thousands of clients and completed requests, Consiergo is the only full-service concierge in Romania, with an impressive portfolio of customers and suppliers of all fields: Business & Personal, Lifestyle & Wellness, House & Admnistrative, Medical recommendations, Tourism & Events.

For the employees of the companies, Consiergo launched the “culture care for the employee” concept, offering EmployeeCare, a product with concierge activities from House and Family, Children and Education, Elderly Care categories.

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