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Dive into the drama, laughter, and intrigue with plays from Broadway, the West End, and beyond. Whether you’re looking for contemporary pieces or classic dramas, you can request your tickets here for a night of compelling storytelling.

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Immerse yourself in the powerful performances of world-renowned opera houses like La Scala, the Met, and more. From timeless classics to modern masterpieces, you can request your desired tickets by filling the form below.

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Feel the rhythm and catch the beats of globally acclaimed artists and orchestras. Whether it’s rock, pop, classical, or jazz, secure your spot at major music events across continents. We're here to connect you to the music you love!


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  • STEP 2: Fill in your contact details and specify the desired event.

Example: I would like two tickets to Macbeth, Harold Pinter Theater, London for October 1, 2024.

  • STEP 3: CONSIERGO will handle your request and reply via email with ticket category and pricing.
  • STEP 4: Upon agreeing with the offer, CONSIERGO will submit via email the invoice together with the tickets.

NOTE:  All requests are subject to tickets availability for the desired event. The request does not include flight tickets and accomodation options.

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