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Unlike fashion, which can change from one season to another, your own personal style is about that originality that sets you apart from the crowd. Still, when we talk about style we have to mention also the attitude, energy, hairstyle and makeup as a complete formula. How can a personal stylist help you achieve in impeccable image? Read below.

All these elements of style form a logic ensemble of what’s supposed to be a clear self image. It’s ideal to work on this perspective because besides of a more organized closet, you’ll get a better everyday mood, and an enhanced social presence.

You need to try to be the best version of yourself and in this matter professionals can have a great input. A personal stylist, firstly, knows the market very well. He knows many designers, concept stores and all that’s new. Second, based on your preferences, shape, holidays and time, he can find what’s most suited for your agenda.

Plus, this kind of expert can challenge you to try new things, that you haven’t worn before. Another advantage is that you won’t need to search anymore for looks each morning. Your wardrobe will be arranged so that you can get out of home in less then 10 minutes. You’ll finally notice improvements in you social interactions. Your overall image is your presentation card so offer the people you meet the best one!

In short, what can a personal stylist do for you:

  • A lifestyle analysis, but also a list of the most important events you are attending
  • A “scan” of your silhouette, posture and recommended cuts
  • A list of online and offline shops where you can find your desired pieces
  • Private shopping sessions in Romania or abroad
  • Organizing wardrobe and outfits
  • Advice about cuts and color combinations

We can help you find a professional in no time. Contact your personal assistant from Consiergo at: 0737 410 000!

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