Spring is about new beginnings and, of course, about rediscovering yourself. Your personal concierge assistant helps you with recommendations of highly selected services for your wishes to come true. He works 24/7 to save precious time for you and to help you with your lifestyle management.

March is here, so here are some suggestions of presents and activities for you and your family to enjoy together.

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Spread brightness

For the beginning of March we recommend you the personalized jewellery from Rosenberg&Partners. Handmade at their finest details, the jewellery are brought from exclusive brands from Italy. You can also benefit of diamond and precious stone consultancy and of private sessions in the comfort of your home. Contact us for further details!

Inhale the perfume of a new start

Give her a bouquet special created, which will look exactly the way you imagine it. The personal Consiergo assistant will create and deliver the most sophisticated bouquets and will send them anywhere in the world for you. Tell us your wish and we assure you it will come true at the highest standards and in the shortest amount of time.

Delight yourself with the very best

Either we’re talking about an online session with a famous aesthetician from LA, a massage from a specialist who will know exactly what you need to relax or a nutritionist, count on Consiergo for the best recommendations and appointments. Your personal concierge specialist is available at any time for you.

Reinvent cooking

Children lose interest in eating healthy really quickly, but creativity can easily convince them to drop sweets. A session with a professional chef, who’ll attract them with recipes inspired by their favorite cartoons, will be the perfect idea for a healthier way of eating and will also represent a new experience together. Ask Consiergo for a recommendation.

Enjoy culture

If you’re thinking of a relaxing evening, we recommend you “Cuibul Artiștilor” (“The nest of artists”). Victor Țăpeanu, the founder of “Cuibul Artiștilor” brought a new concept in our country, the project’s name is “300 days of theatre” and the access is made with a donation, not a ticket. The plays have contemporary subjects and the actors are young and extremely passionate about their work. Contact us for reservations or for any other access at theatre plays, concerts or events. We are here 24/7.

Surprise her with a city break

An excellent idea of a present for the beginning of spring is a city break. From “Chelsea Flower Show”, the biggest floral exposition from London, to “Las Fallas” Carnival from Valencia, which combines the spectacular traditional costumes with the fireworks shows, Consiergo is in charge of all the details of your trip for you to benefit of an unique experience. Leave it all to us!

Decorate in a creative way

Because spring comes with a general sense of well-being, what would you say if you were to change some things around the house too in order to enjoy your senses? Do you need a specialist for your garden or you would use to find out from an interior designer what’s in style this year? Consiergo offers your recommendations of specialists to bring your ideas to life.

Develop your hobbies

The idea of knowing how to communicate more efficiently in business appeals to you? Learn in record time from a debate and public speaking specialist how to interpret the expressions of your interlocutors in business meetings or even with friends and how to speak in front of a large audience. We offer you the best recommendations!

Enjoy unforgettable experiences

The father-son relationship is priceless! Give your son a unique experience by taking him to a football match from Champions League. Consiergo will take care you’ll receive the best treatement, VIP services and even a meet&greet session with your favorite players. Your personal assistant is available anytime to help you make dreams come true.

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