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Business partnerships require enormous attention in order to function well, so entrepreneurs must find resources to optimize the workflow and maximize relationships. Henry Ford said“Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress, working together is success.”

The utility of a concierge program

The concierge services offered by companies to their partners help them build loyalty and make a statement in a world where one must be different to stand out.

How can you stay relevant

The way you make your organization noticed on the market, therefore interesting for business partners, is directly connected to your brand image. This is why one of your goals must be to permanently evaluate your position, vision, availability for consumers in order to be able to offer the best experience for your clients and stakeholders.

How can a concierge program help you

It’s essential for a brand to have a clear identity, to find innovative ways to approach employees in a personalized manner, building a strong emotional connection. This relationship can lead to long term loyalty and support.

Our services can help you tick many boxes in terms of client retention and time management. Consiergo’s corporate concierge program is dedicated to companies that are interested in investing in the personal and professional growth  of the people around them – staff, partners or clients. Concierge services, when treated as an instrument to maintain balance between work and private life, can now have a significant presence in the benefits package for clients and employees offered by success companies.

Consiergo’s team of personalized consultancy experts in distinct domains can propose and manage your Holiday list of corporate gifts. Also, a themed dinner, in Bucharest or around, can be planned in detail by your personal concierge assistant in order to check all the essential aspects of an informal meeting with business partners.

Consiergo can help you maintain a good relationship with valuable customers, offering you the instruments to achieve a unique proposition. Moreover, a concierge program contributes to a higher level of loyalty from relevant partners.  

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