Personal Concierge


The daily needs of a customer throughout a year can vary greatly and unexpectedly, be them personal, family related or business oriented. Commissioning others for personal matters is not easy. There needs to be loads of trust, absolute confidentiality and efficiency in the middle. A personal assistant is a trustworthy professional, at your disposal, allowing you to focus on what really matters to you. To the day to day needs or tasks, exclusive services and easy access to specific consultants are added to the package. By acquiring a concierge subscription, you, as a client, do not only get more time for yourself and your family, but also moments to enjoy different hobbies and embrace a richer lifestyle.

Consiergo offers 2 types of subscriptions for families or individuals

Unlimited access to the listed Consiergo services, with a 1 year availability, for three family members, Monday to Friday, 8 AM – 8 PM

Unlimited access to the listed Consiergo services and any other request, with a 1 year availability, for five family members, at your disposal 24/7.

The subscriptions include recommendations and consultancy regarding any of the categories listed below, each one of them comprising a list of possible tasks that can be fulfilled on a daily basis for all the clients. These requests can go as wide as the imagination of each customer! We take pride on our flexibility and ability to manage hundreds of distinct tasks always in a careful manner, with a creative eye and under strict confidentiality.


Our services are specially conceived in order to help you solve basic needs in a customized manner, so that you get more time to spend with your loved ones.


From choosing the piano teacher for private lessons to riding classes, our private assistants will be in charge of the most precious part of your life: your children!


Because we know how important time is for you, your private assistant will suggest the most appropriate activities and experiences according to your style and budget.

Health and Personal Care

We know that each individual needs a different kind of treatment and care, therefore all of our clients receive customized recommendations in terms of healthcare!


Education is one of the most valuable things in a lifetime: we help our clients choose the best private schools and prestigious universities in the world that will meet the needs of each young pupil or student.


Our clients put great value on their looks, therefore our goal is to gather the most relevant information in this area (from the most exclusive gym clubs, to fantastic beauty clinics around the world, we have them covered).


Expressing love and friendship through gifts is an art. Master it with the help of your own private assistant! We will take care of every detail.


Travelling is personal and we understand each person’s needs. We aim to make each client feel comfortable with their choices, enjoy their time off and offer a complete experience. The concierge services mean direct contact with services suppliers and 24/7 support.


Our clients love travelling in style! From providing the most exclusive private driver services, to limousine booking, VIP treatment at the airport and private jets, we make all things possible, so that you will travel at your own standards!


Private anniversaries may vary from small family gatherings to more exuberant parties. No matter how big your dreams are, we will make them possible!


Let us be in charge of all the small daily tasks that take time and attention, so you can enjoy what’s really important to you.


Organizing a city tour for your guests requires lots of time and quality information. Let us guide them through a memorable experience!

At a phone call away, our consultants are ready to fulfill your desires!