May is the perfect month for traveling, even if you go in the country or abroad. Therefore, we thought of some events you might enjoy attending and a list of services we can offer you any time.

We invite you to check the activities we prepared for you. The personal concierge assistants are available 24/7 for solving any request you have.

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Special moments

We understand that everything must be perfect when it comes to special moments in your life and we resonate with you, so team Consiergo manages your requests for you to enjoy every moment of happiness. We’re waiting for you to contact us for every wish you have and we’ll help you save precious time and make your wishes come true. We are here 24/7!

Colourful escape

Known also as “Great Spring Show”, Chelsea Flower Show 2019 is a real spectacle of flowers and gardens, held between 21st and 25th of May by The Royal Horticultural Society, and represents an excellent idea of city break for flower lovers and not only. The members of The Royal Family are indispensable participants of every edition and the event attracts tourists from every part of the world.

Cultural events

From opera spectacles like the one in the memory of tenor Ludovico – “Othello”, “Don Carlo” or “The wedding of Figaro”, to theatre spectacles like “The man who saw death”, “Hamlet” or “The anonymous venetian”, May announces numerous and exceptional cultural events. Count on Consiergo for reservations to any type of event!

Personal development of your family

Hobbies play an important part in the harmonious development of children, but also of adults. Contact your personal concierge assistant for recommendations of excellent piano, dance, acting or photography teachers. Or learn a new language together with an expert! These kinds of activities through which you can learn new things together will create a strong connection for you.

Health above all

Consiergo’s team will handle everything about the medical domain in the shortest amount of time. Either you need a recommendation of a good doctor in the country or abroad, your personal concierge assistant will make sure you’re always well informed and you have the appointments you requested. Your health is the most important, don’t hesitate to contact us!

A specialist for every situation

Either you need a lawyer, notary, finance specialist or an architect, branding or PR specialist, you’ll have consultancy and access to well-known specialists from any domain requested by you. Consiergo also offers recommendations of stylists, make-up artists, designers, or photographers carefully selected for you. We’re waiting for your call for every request you have.


If you don’t have the necessary time for your car registration or you need an urgent service or a breakdown service, we are here to solve your problems. The requests you have regarding your personal or job car will be solved in the shortest amount of time possible. And don’t forget, we can offer you simple transfers or VIP ones, following your requests precisely.

Productive business

Your partners and clients are extremely important when it comes to business and a corporate concierge service will offer them an essential thing, and that is time. Routine and every day responsibilities can become tiring sometimes, but the attention you show them can motivate them even more to evolve in the business environment.

Technology everywhere

If you’re a tech lover, we recommend you “Bucharest Tech Week”, the biggest tech festival in Romania. Test robots, drones, VRs, smart homes, electric or hybrid cars and many more. The event will take place between 24th and 26th of May, in the University Square, Bucharest. For more details and reservations we’re waiting for you to contact us.

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