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Truly colourful getaways

From the extraordinary spectacle of the hot air balloons in Cappadocia, to which you can assist by taking a walk, riding a horse or even floating above the canyon in one of the balloons, to a couple of days spent on The Amalfi Coast or on The French Riviera, our team will handle all your holiday details. All you have to do is communicate us your wishes and we will make them come true.

Art in all forms

FITS – “The International Film Festival from Sibiu” will take place between 14th and 23rd of June and proposes 540 cultural events, which include theatre plays, contemporary circus, opera, dance, music, conferences, exhibitions and many more. This year’s edition theme is “THE ART OF DEVOTION” and it invites art lovers to take part in the ample celebration. For more details and reservations, we’re waiting for you to call us at any time!

Access to “sold out” events

Even if we’re talking about a “sold-out” event, our team will make sure you have access to it. Even if it’s a theatre or opera premiere or we’re talking about tiurist attractions where the access is highly demanded and hard to get, Consiergo will retrieve your request and will find a solution to it in the shortest amount of time possible and solve it strictly confidential. Contact us!

Last minute reservations

The pouring rain, heavy traffic and nearly impossible last minute reservations were not a problem for Consiergo’s team, which managed to make a reservation for an indoor basketball playoff in a very short amount of time, at the request of one of our clients. Plus we identified the supplier for the favourite basket balls, Spalding. We are here 24/7 for any request you have, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Fast VIP transfers

Consiergo can help you if you need to rent a private plane, a helicopter or a yacht. Also, your personal concierge assistant can help you with VIP airport transfers, personal drivers or limousines for you and your guests, for different occasions. Your requests are retrieved in the shortest amount of time and solved with a high degree of confidentiality for you to enjoy the maximum comfort you deserve.

Parties and personalized shopping

If you need someone to organise a corporate party for your business partners or a private one for your friends, and you wish that it will have a personal touch, our concierge team is taking care of personalized shopping and of all the details of the event. We will save precious time for you, so you can enjoy the special moments of your event to the fullest.

Holiday activities

Are you looking for photography, foreign languages or piano teachers for children for summer holiday? We can help you with some recommendations. The free time they have during the holiday can be successfully invested in activities which will develop their creativity and abilities in different areas of interest. Count on Consiergo for highly selected recommendations of specialists.

Culinary experiences

If your holiday destination is Maldive, you must check on your list of visited places the Restaurant Ithaa. This place is designed so that you can enjoy your dinner on the bottom of the ocean. The walls and ceiling are exclusively out of glass, through which you can admire dozens of species of fish. A trully mesmerizing experience. Contact us for a reservation!

An impeccable image

Either you need image consultancy and we’re talking here about stylists, make-up artists or designers or you would wish a recommendation for a SPA or a beauty center for a special treatment, call us to offer you some ideas of specialists or of places where you can go. We assure you we will search for services precisely your requests for you to enjoy an impeccable treatment.

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