Allow yourself this summer to enjoy destinations in Europe that will make you feel like you’re travelling to exotic islands. Who said you cannot enjoy clear waters, fine sand and exceptional views on our continent too?

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Mykonos – Grecia

Mykonos could be called the heaven of party lovers. For those who love beach parties, pool parties or clubbing, the island of Mykonos is the perfect choice. The white houses with blue windows, the chic taverns, the blue waters and the sunny sky are just a few things that describe the little paradise. Some of the beaches that worth a visit are Kalo Livadi, Agios Ioannis and Paraga. Renting a boat offers the access to more beaches, take into consideration this choice!

La Maddalena – Sardinia – Italia

If you didn’t get here yet, the La Maddalena archipelago offers you the sensation of a Bali holiday. Situated between Sardinia and Corsica, the islands have some of the most spectacular beaches around Italy, with crystal clear waters. Tourism hasn’t started to develop here in a long time so you can still enjoy less crowded places, which keep their naturalness. The La Maddalena islands are just 20 minutes away by ferry from Palau port, Sardinia.

Corsica – Franța

Corsica is an island you will want to fully explore. From the fishing villages in the north in Cap Corse, to the Bonifacio surf lovers’ paradise and to the beautiful sand beaches in Porto Vecchio, there are endless places to visit in Corsica. Enjoy almost 11 hours of sun a day and relax to the fullest, we will save precious time for you and we will take care of all the details of your holiday! We’re waiting for you to contact us and tell us your wishes.

Biarritz – Franța

Also called the capital of surf, Biarritz has been one of the quiet and discreet places of Europe preferred by famous people who were attracted to the gold coast of the Atlantic ocean, the endless clear skies and the beneficial properties of the waters here. You will here find wide beaches, huge waves and real culinary delicacies. A destination which seems to be designed in order to amaze and to offer tourists everything they wish for.

Menton – Franța

The pearl of France, Menton city is located between the French frontier and Monaco and it is now the host of the restaurant which has been designated as the best in the world. Mirazur is the famous restaurant of Mauro Colagreco, who has amazed the whole world of gastronomy with his recipes. At only 43 years old, he holds restaurants on three continents and his work has been rewarded with no less than 3 Michelin stars, Mirazur being number one in World’s 50 Best Restaurants by S. Pellegrino.

Formentera – Spania

The smallest from the Balearic Islands, Formentera is only 30 minutes away by ferry from Ibiza and it’s a place where the turquoise waters will make you feel like you’re in the Indian Ocean. Ses Illes and Llevant, the beaches in the north, are just two of the spectacular stretches of sand that can be visited here. A dream destination that will offer you a unique experience and will make you relax to the fullest, that’s how you can sum up a visit to Formentera.

Praia da Ursa – Portugalia

Situated in west Portugal, Praia da Ursa is a beach you won’t be able to reach so easily due to the fact that you will have to descend a very steep slope, but whose incredible landscape you’ll get to admire the whole way down, will let you speechless. If you choose to visit Lisbon, this beach is only 40 km away from the capital of Portugal. Praia da Ursa will be adored by hiking, clear waters, huge waves and natural beaches lovers.

Como, Maggiore, Garda – Italia

An excellent idea of a holiday would be to visit three of the most beautiful lakes of Italy. Lake Garda is the largest from the north of the country and a popular destination for tourists around the world. The second as size is Maggiore, a little bit dodged by the fuss of the other one, but having impressive landscapes. And if you have a developed sense of aesthetics, lake Como will tickle your senses. Here you’ll get to admire shores with lovely settlements or you will be able to relax on one of the beaches around it.

Étretat – Normandia – Franța

Known for his limestone cliffs, which have over 70m in height, the city of Étretat from Normandia is above tourists expectations. The steep sloped ridges, the sand beach lying at the foothills of the cliffs and the rock formations that seem to rise from nowhere from the English Channel, offer a true spectacle to those who choose to visit this part of France. Contact us to plan your next getaway!

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