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Joy in the kitchen

If you are a true artist in the kitchen and you like to always invent new recipes for the most creative meals, what would you say about a show with a professional chef, in the comfort of your own home? Transform the traditional tables in cooking sessions to which all of your guests can participate and surprise them with an activity which will definitely be of much interest.

Fine tastes, perfect drinks

Are you a little unsure of what choices to make depending on the dishes prepared for the loved ones for Easter? At GoodWine Bucharest Wine Fair you can take part in courses with one of the most popular and admired personalities of oenological lifestyle from Romania and you can now get answers to your questions regarding the bacchanalian liquor.

A different kind of vacation

What would you say of a city break for your own taste? Participate to the biggest culinary festival taking place in Antwerp, Belgium, where you’ll discover top restaurants and the most creative executions. At “Taste of Antwerp” you’ll find dishes which vary from the Belgian or French ones to the Mediterranean ones, being a unique occasion to taste many unusual courses. Delight your senses!

Your dream garden

Give your garden your priceless love and see how it comes to life again once spring is here. Contact us for recommendations of dedicated specialists for the design, maintenance and revival of your green space. Enjoy harmony in your little corner of heaven you love so much and which gives you moments of peacefulness.

Family creativity

Easter is coming, so your concierge specialist recommends you passionate plastic artists for colorful designing of the Easter eggs or for making stuffed bunnies. Participate with your children at workshops and attract them in activities which will stimulate their creativity. We are here 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7!

Did someone say “party”?

Who said that the Easter holiday isn’t a good reason for a party? Organize an event for children with their favorite animators who will involve them in imaginative activities. Consiergo takes care of all the details. Contact us!

Brilliantly clean

The spring cleaning may take a lot of time which you could spend in a more pleasant way with your family. Consiergo recommends you exclusive cleaning services in order to reduce the time spent cleaning. Save time with Consiergo and fully enjoy it!

Delight yourself with the very best

Because you’re a special person you deserve an impeccable treatment. Your personal concierge assistant is here to offer you recommendations of selected professional stylists, who will give you beyond reproach advices, special created for you. We’re waiting for you to contact us and discover what we prepared for you.

Your automobile, your jewel

From a recommendation of the best service for your car to a professional upholstery cleaning or an exterior detailing, our team is now ready to take care of your car. The sanitation of the air conditioning installation or even the consultancy regarding purchasing a new automobile or selling the old one are also services we can offer you. Contact us!

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