• CONSIERGO’s services are available only with an annual subscription
  • The concierge subscription covers the consultancy services offered by CONSIERGO until the fulfilment of the request
  • The requested service/product will be paid to the supplier, directly or through CONSIERGO, depending on the client’s choice
  • CONSIERGO will offer all agreed services in due time
  • Services will be requested through the 24/7 Call Center, at 0737 410 000
  • Each subscription includes 3 people on behalf of the beneficiary, with limitless requests during one year time
  • CONSIERGO will designate an Account Manager for each client, who is in charge with fulfilling their requests.


  • Uniqueness, originality, perfect skills! Because every man is unique, his needs and desires cannot be treated in disregard of the context! Consiergo knows how to address each request in a personalized manner and how to solve it!
    Andreea Ogăraru, VP at George Ogăraru Association
  • We have chosen to work with Consiergo for our exclusive portfolio because they easily understood our activity, they were flexible and eager to develop this partnership. We met a team of specialists, permanently interested in  anticipating the client’s needs and focused on offering a broad range of high quality services.
    Alina Necula, Head of Marketing and Sales at Adama Group
  • Consiergo is the personal insurance for TIME. Not a life or health insurance, a TIME related one.
    Diana Segarceanu, Avenor College
  • It’s wonderful to count on your friends from Consiergo, in your happy days, in difficult times or on a day to day basis. I treasure their creative ideas, devotion, professional attitude, promptitude, organizational capacity and their essential support.
    Daniela Nemoianu, Executive Partner, KPMG Romania
  • I was usually hard to please, until I met Consiergo. In my travels and activities I need rapid response to my needs, changes are impredictable. I looked for a long time for a partner with the same quick reaction as mine to different tasks. Consiergo helps me and my family wherever we are.
    Leonard Doroftei, President at the Romanian Federation of Boxing
  • I wish to thank you for your essential involvement. I can rarely find someone who perfectly understands the problem, what needs to be done and how to complete the task adding value to the customer.
    Teodor Ceausu, VP Engineering & Country Manager
  • You were like a Good Fairy to us. I deeply thank you for your efforts and I will do my best to recommend you to our clients.
    Anca Craciun, Private Banking Division Director, Banca Transilvania