The Covid19 crisis has transformed our daily lives.

Here is how we took care of our members during this period! Our experience in quickly understanding the clients’ needs, empathizing with them and unblocking the crisis situations allowed us to quickly adapt our services to the current reality. From simple requests, for home and family, to very complex ones, for access and safety, our clients call us daily and consider they can rely on our support.


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Organizing life at home

Food deliveries, purchase of gifts when shops were closed, flowers, personalized shopping based from our customer’s list, in big cities or in the country; electrical repairs or technical interventions; activity ideas for children and adults, recommendations from doctors and medicines. This way we contributed to the safety and comfort of families, in a difficult period.

Holiday in Mykonos and helicopter transfer

Organizing your holiday safely? No problem! We proposed renting a villa in Mykonos and the transfer by helicopter to the island. In addition, we took care of all the details for organizing a small party on a yacht, for our client’s birthday. Mission accomplished in maximum  safety.

Fine dining anniversary

Wedding anniversary when restaurants are closed? We offer solutions: a private gourmet experience, for two, with Chef Alex Petricean. In the company of fine dining dishes and carefully selected wines, the evening could not be more than perfect.

Deliveries for the elderly in the family

Supporting the elderly in the family remains one of the priorities of this period. In order to protect the parents, we delivered the purchases on your personalized list, in safe conditions: food, hygiene or cleaning products, medicines, anywhere in the country.

Transport of your parents to their medical check-up

In some situations, no matter how hard they tried to avoid travel, it could not be postponed. In this case for the parents of one of our customers’ from a locality in Bacau County, the visit to the specialist doctor was organized urgently by private transfer to the clinic in the city, in conditions of safety and comfort.

Holiday nanny

A quiet holiday in Greece, for the family and the three-year-old daughter, was all our client wanted! A wish that we managed through the recruitment of a nanny to accompany the family on vacation. The candidate’s profile was carefully selected, so it could cover both the child’s care needs and those of spending time, specific to her age.

Real estate consultant in Marbella

Through our connections, we have identified the most suitable law firm to represent the client in the process of acquiring a property in Marbella, Spain and we have recommended a property management company for its subsequent administration.

Business course recommendation

It is the period in which businesses are rethought, skills required by the future period are developed. Our client asked us for recommendations for long-term business courses, and we recommended dedicated specialists.

English-speaking governess

Children of all ages are vulnerable in this uncertain period of study environment in kindergartens and schools. We recruited a governess for the five-year-old boy of our clients who would offer him the educational conduct he needed, in English..

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