Corporate Concierge

Our corporate concierge programs are dedicated to companies and organizations that aim to improve the personal and professional life of their clients, employees and partners. The concierge and comfort maintenance services – regarded as an instrument that can balance work and personal time – were born as a consequence of the 90’s. At that time, successful companies in the market needed to offer clients and employees different benefits and this trends keeps on growing nowadays.



Our Clients

We take pride in our clients list at this moment, renowned Romanian companies. Furthermore, Consiergo is among the most exclusive luxury products and services suppliers on the market.

The list below offers a general view on the type of clients we serve:

  • Important Romanian banks
  • Financial institutions
  • Fashion brands
  • Medical services suppliers
  • Law firms
  • Telecom and IT holdings
  • Insurance companies
  • Real estate groups

Call and our consultants are reafy to satisfy your wishes!