Involve all your family members in sports and creative activities and enjoy your results! Yoga, dancing, theatre, cycling or triathlon, sport has an essential role in your harmonious development.

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Mamaka – Yoga

Translated ”My Yoga” from Sanskrit, Mamaka Yoga is the yoga studio of an extremely passionate person whose objective was to follow her love for this art and to share it with her students. Hatha Yoga is the form of active yoga chosen by Ileana Muntean for her lessons. She speaks with an open heart on her website about her experience with yoga over the years and about her evolution, from learning to teaching. The classes are held in small groups to make the most out of the experience.

Khastalia – Enlightened Leadership

“Self-control is the source of all virtues” – Seneca. Created and developed at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, the program of Stress reduction through Mindfulness is used now by companies such as Google, Apple, Intel or in institutions as The European Commission and The USA Army. For true leaders who want to develop themselves and inspire others, Khastalia offers special trainings held by professional people. Some of the names are Valérie Cioloș-VilleminAmalia Enache sau Paul Olteanu.

Arthur Murray Dance Centers

With over 280 schools open worldwide and 105 years of experience, the Arthur Murray studio is located in the north part of Bucharest, elegantly designed and waiting for you with a special view, perfect for some relaxing time spent dancing. The popularity of Arthur Murray studios is global, the name being associated with choreographies like the ones from ”Dirty Dancing” and ”Scent of a Woman”. Some of the styles you can learn here are Argentinian Tango, Salsa, Waltz, Bolero, Cha Cha or Fox Trot, and there are classes for every level, from beginner to advanced.

Fencing at Riposta

The Sport Club Riposta’s purpose is to improve the sports activity of amateurs as well as that of professionals in the fencing domain. The Club promotes fencing for children, adolescents and adults, trying to attract them towards this noble sport and to fair play so that more will wish to embrace this discipline and to become the champions of Romanian fencing.

Ginart – Joc

Gina Pitulea, the founder of GINART – JOC club guides her activity after a quote of Schiller: ”The man is only complete when he is playing.” The game implies work, but it represents the good and the ideal thing, for children create and model their personality through it. The club offers theatre classes for children, adolescents and adults and helps the students develop their creativity, spontaneity and psychic with the help of interactive games. Create together with GINART team theatre shows and enjoy a unique experience alongside professional and passionate people.

Golf Room

Golf Room invites you to enjoy a complete indoor golf experience with the help of performant simulators and to feel like you’re stepping on your favorite golf course. Improve your game, solo or with a professional trainer and learn which is the best equipment, clubs and balls, for maximum impact on your game. Golf Room has complex practice and valuable information for kids and adults as well, which will contribute to your development in this domain.

MTB Academy – Cycling

MTB Academy wishes to invest in young athletes passionate about cycling and in the future of Romanian cycling. The academy wants to offer the best information to students and professional practice for obtaining national and international results. The main coordinator is Răzvan Jugănaru, multiple mountain-bike champion, now instructor and founder of MTB Academy. Some of the routes covered during practice are Băneasa Forest, Cernica, Comana or Căldărușani, the parks Tineretului and Carol and there are also mountain sessions in Câmpulung Muscel.


PlaYouth brings the game, art and joy in the educational development of children. From painting on canvas workshops or astronomy workshops for children and parents, to storytelling and photography for children, chemistry fun workshops or graphic and drawing techniques, PlaYouth builds a community which encourages the harmonious growth and balanced formation of children and of the relationship they have with their parents. The club organizes camps, courses and programs of alternative education for children between 5 and 12 years old.

Seven Sport Club

Seven Sport Club is a club affiliated to the Romanian Federation of Triathlon, which has the objective to raise the number of participants and the training quality of professionals and amateurs competitors, to local and international competitions of aquathlon, duathlon, triathlon, and of to competitions dedicated to the branches of triathlon: running, cycling and swimming. From nutrition to specific practice and to psychological training before the competition, at Seven Sport Club the main purpose is a continuous evolution of the students, under the guidance of mentors, in a friendly and motivating environment.

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