Challenge them to create and to combine usefulness with pleasure! Summer vacation means relaxation, but most importantly, it means a precious time that can be invested in creative activities to develop children.

Encourage them to take part, either alone or with you, in daily activities in Bucharest or in camps around the country, where they can participate in projects which will keep them focused and will offer them the satisfaction of a crafted thing of their own.

We invite you to check some recommendations for the next period.

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Playing is serious!

This is the slogan of Eematico, an organisation which opens the road to innovation of educational programs, through an approach meant to develop life abilities for XXI century. Everything comes to life through experiential learning based on games, the main pawn of learning. Children take part in thematic activities and camps such as “Skylab Mission 3019”, held many times this summer vacation, which invites children to create a habitat where people can survive, through discovering the conditions and resources of the new world and finding creative solutions to the problems encountered along the way. Everything is supervised by professional trainees, keen on learning and extremely passionate.

Music development

Until they turn 10 years old, children assimilate information extremely fast, their brain being more active than the one of adults. Mozartinno proposes the development of musical intelligence in an environment without restraint, with the help of friendly didactic materials, adequate to every learning phase and musical and creative development. Children are here involved in creative activities through which they learn how to play the piano, the guitar and other musical instruments and they participate to concerts, exhibitions, parties and creation camps. The lessons are individualized depending on the temper and skills of each student. Children will become familiar to musical instruments and will be nicely introduced to the musical world.

Enter the binary game!

Children are glued to smartphones, tablets and PCs, so a clever idea throughout summer would be for them to attend an IT school, in order to guide them to a way of fructifying time spent on different devices. Activities in this kind of establishment will have a positive impact on their future. Children will learn how to logically approach a problem and how to improve their abilities in solving them. Also, they will combine learning with playing and will gain precious information in a funnier way. Some schools which dedicate their time to the development of children in IT and robotics are: Step It Academy, Logiscool and Inventika Place.

Balance and flexibility

Give them the chance to keep their equilibrium, to be flexible and in the same time to raise their physical strength. If they’re passionate about climbing, courses in this domain develop their mind and their concentration power. Also, classes take place in groups where children can interact with other students, developing their socializing capabilities and becoming more responsible. Children can climb special landscaped walls, equipped depending on the difficulty level of each trail. Three of the available halls in Bucharest are: Vertical Spirit, Carpatic and Climbing Factory.

Healthy mind in healthy body

Either we’re talking about football, martial arts, tennis, ballroom dancing or ballet, sport is essential in the physical and mental development of children. Besides the effort they do, which shapes their physical aspect, sport disciplines them through a tight schedule, being coordinated by professionals. In Bucharest, some examples of clubs where kids can practice sports are: Phoenix Dance Club, Balet Studio Giuliana, Wu Tao Kung Fu, ACS Dinamo and Tennis Hero. Practice takes place all summer for those who love moving. Also, Golf Room is open every day for golf lovers.

Theater and creative workshops

Țăndărică Theater prepares puppet shows for all ages, every week. From plays for children like “Snow White”, “Three little pigs”, “The Brave Tailor” or “The Little Prince” to shows adapted from Shakespeare plays, which are suitable for an adult audience, like “The King Dies” or “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”, Puppet Theater Țăndărică is an excellent choice for a cultural night. Also, besides the plays prepared, there are theaters which involve children in interactive and creative workshops. Some examples are: Arabela Theater Bucharest, Excelsior Theater and Hopa-Tropa Theater.

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