About us

Consiergo is the first full service concierge company in Romania, with an impressive portfolio, over 150 suppliers in all fields and international expertise through our partners in Paris, Monte Carlo & London.

The company offers a wide range of premium concierge services, in fields such as: Business & Personal, Lifestyle & Wellness, Household, Medical Recommendations and Tourism & Events.

Our team has over 15 years’ experience in the field and we offer a professional & personalised approach to our services, so CONSIERGO has gained its clients’ appreciation, with renowned customers both in Romania & abroad.

“The Concierge concept comes from the medieval French expression “Comte Des Cierges” and nowadays it defines a strong industry for exclusive services, present in all developed countries as associations, private clubs, companies with extremely well prepared employees, capable to satisfy even the most demanding clients.

CONSIERGO responds to the permanent need of time of the current society and individual. We are at the client’s disposal 24/7, for solving the simplest of requests to bringing to life the most complex, personalised wishes.” (Carmen Voicu)


“We are a team of active, involved professionals, with over 15 years’ experience in fields such as: medical services, lifestyle & marketing, tourism & events and client service. We make sure that every client wish is satisfied in due time, in prime conditions and the result is flawless.

CONSIERGO works with more than 150 partners and suppliers, all carefully selected, and is highly proactive. We use a performant CRM, created especially for concierge services, so that our response is always fast and complete.” (Mioara Ionescu)