Consiergo on the National Television – TVR 1

Carmen Voicu, founder of Consiergo, talks to Albertina Ionescu, TV host at TVR 1, about the complexity of the premium services in lifestyle management. Can a personal assistant offer to its client the best recommendations for medical professionals, cultural happenings and educational novelties? For sure! Concierge services can streamline day-to-day tasks but will also bring…


Consiergo – Essential for a beautiful life

Carmen Voicu and Mioara Ionescu “Our success is based on a dedicated team which has a balanced mix of expertise, connections and skills” A customized experience where a premium concierge company providing lifestyle management services is at your disposal 24/7, 365 days a year is not an utopia. It’s real and it has a name: Consiergo. Carmen…

bmw 5 series consiergo

The new BMW 5 series tested by Consiergo clients

A full of adrenaline and horsepower experience happened on March 15: Launching the new BMW 5 Series XDrive & off-road experience with the BMW X1, X3, X4, X5 and X6. Participants tested the new BMW 5 Series on the Ciolpani off-road circuit. They were closely assisted throughout the route by certified instructors team BMW Emotions by Motion. The participants attended a workshop with focus on G30, XDrive and M Performance. We were delighted to be close to our partners, Automobile Bavaria.