concierge cadouri sarbatori

When worrying never ends and the city becomes tiresome, you lose train of thought and need a trustworthy helper to take care of your relaxation and help cross some things off from the to-do list. Your personal assistant at Consiergo is the perfect solution for these issues. This year leave it all to us and take time for what truly matters – peaceful holidays with your loved ones.

Gift hunting? Leave it to us!

Do your kids want a trendy toy, not yet available in Romania, or your partner dreams of an exclusive jewellery or watch? Your personal assistant can give you the best options. We make sure you have all the great ideas for out of the box gifts – sports classes, sky diving, backstage access to a concert, meeting a favourite actor or front seats to the New Year concert in Wien. In addition, small gifts for employees or partners can also be moved to our to-do list.

Great holiday for the family

Quality time with your loved ones is paramount, so we have some holiday suggestions at hand. Pick your favourite destination and we’ll take care of the rest – plane and hotel reservations and a list of personalized activities. If you dream of having Christmas dinner at a fully booked Michelin rated restaurant, call on your Consiergo assistant for quick access.

Best party of the year? Yours, of course!

If you’d like to stray away from the traditional events, we have a list of the best party ideas or the season. Celebrations start at the office event with a fun theme – think of recreating your favourite show or having an outdoor Swedish inspired event. If you move the party to your house, the options are endless and we’re always here for you! A karaoke night with the kids or a Victorian dinner are just one phone call away!


Doesn’t it sound great? Your Consiergo assistant is here 24/7 – 0737.410.000.