Auto Concierge

Gain access to a new lifestyle.

At the moment of purchase you can receive from your car dealership or auto house a personal lifestyle consultant: a concierge services subscription, with access to select services!

Do you need VIP tickets to a concert or at the match of the year, access to special seats at a theatre play? What about a private chef or bookings at famous restaurants around the Globe?

Do you want to make a booking for a personalized vacation or you need assistance in finding a special gift? Going to private parties, with VIP services in the airport or for renting a yacht, is no longer a dream.

Also, do you need renowned professionals for various areas such as lawyers, architects, financial experts, speakers, PR people, professors, trainers or doctors for you, your company or family?

You are at a phone call away from Consiergo, your exclusive – high confidentiality – assistant.

Don’t forget: these services may be offered to you by your car dealership or auto house.

Read the full list of services.

Call and our consultants are ready to satisfy your wishes!