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One of the most interesting aspects of the concierge job is that we never get bored! We are lucky to interact with fantastic people, with very different interests and backgrounds, people that test our imagination with every request. This is why we considered sharing with you, from time to time, the projects we liked or challenged us most, those that we are most proud of and those that inspired us for the future. Here is the first part of our Consiergo journal, with some of the tasks that we have been working on during the first part of the year.

# We have many clients that are sports enthusiasts, so lately we have worked intensively to secure the best seats for international sporting events. Among them: Roland Garos, Mutua Madrid Open or Mugello Circuit. We can only imagine the intensity of a tennis match played by the biggest stars or the sound of the engines on the track in Scarperia e San Piero, Tuscany, and we are glad that we managed to take our clients to the places they dreamed of.

# Fashion lovers know they can call us for the most exclusive items, from designer bags to jewelry masterpieces with long waiting lists. An interesting challenge, however, we received from one of our clients who wanted a set of mother-daughter dresses created by her favorite designer. As she had already chosen the design, we took care of the “sur-mesure” little dress exclusively cut for the little fashionista. They shined at the event they attended and we are glad to have their photo in the album of our accomplishments.

# We are all passionate at Consiergo, and when it comes to talented young people, the satisfaction is even greater! Recently, we managed to organize a cooking session with a renowned blogger, for a little boy who promises to become Michelin stars cook. At the same time, a family band had a start in the musical career thanks to Consiergo consultants. The youngsters are now working with a producer and a director for their first video, which we can’t wait to see on repeat.

# One of the most original requests at the beginning of this year came from a business owner from the Ho.Re.Ca field. A restaurant needed a refresh of design and called us for concierge. We received the challenge with open arms and, together with a well-known interior designer, we managed to give a new air to the entire space. Now the interior looks as good as the food is, and we remain loyal customers.

# Relocation in foreign countries is never easy, but when children are involved, it’s clear that it has to be as smooth as possible.  Recently, we completed a task in which we invested a great deal of time to make sure we chose the perfect solution. We found an English teaching  kindergarten with a very exciting program, for a client relocated in Murcia, Spain. The transition has already been made, and the family is feeling excellent in their new country.

We hope to inspire you with the stories of our customers and we can hardly wait for your challenges!

If you do not have a Consiergo assistant yet, for you or your business, you can call us at 0737 410 000 to receive a personalized offer.

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