Consiergo offers a turnkey concierge program setup for your auto dealership. You can create a positive perception and keep customers engaged after the sale offering access to a new lifestyle. The great benefit of this program is that it creates a new channel that your dealership can use to engage allowing for both up sell opportunities and improved branding.

Auto Concierge

Everyone in the automotive industry knows that competition between dealerships is increasing. This is why Consiergo designed a special auto concierge program, that creates a high perception of value for your customers and helps your brand to stand out of the crowd. The benefits of this program include:

  • Increased customer loyalty and customer lifetime value
  • A great marketing tool to differentiate your brand
  • Consiergo mobile app provides new direct communication channel with your customers
  • Integrated personalized concierge services with service and maintenance reminders
  • Access to a variety of unique personal concierge services
  • Stand out from other car dealerships