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Transylvania Vintage Tour 2024


We recently had the pleasure of sponsoring an exciting vintage rally that combined historical sites, scenic landscapes, and intense competition, drawing participants from seven different countries. The Transylvania Vintage Tour 2024 journeyed through some of Romania’s most intriguing locations, connecting the excitement of motorsport with cultural experiences. Thanks to our extensive partner network, CONSIERGO was able to play a crucial role in this year’s event by offering concierge services to both staff and participants as well as prizes for the compitition winners.

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1st Stage: Oradea to Cluj-Napoca

The journey started in the charming city of Oradea, where participants were able to explore and take in the stunning city center’s rich architectural details and lively atmosphere, as well as bond over a delicious welcome dinner at the Ramada Hotel. The following morning, participants embarked on the 295 km journey towards Cluj-Napoca, where the day wrapped up with a dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.

2nd Stage: Cluj-Napoca to Sighișoara

The second day of the rally started in Cluj-Napoca, setting the pace for another day of adventure. Participants enjoyed a lunch break at the stunning Haller Castle before continuing their journey towards the medieval citadel of Sighișoara, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 216-kilometer stage ended with a traditional dinner featuring authentic Romanian dishes, as participants eagerly awaited the next day of the rally.

3rd Stage: Sighișoara to Sibiu

The 206 km leg kicked off from Sighișoara, with participants eager to explore more historical sites. A lunch break at Bethlen Castle allowed them to relax and admire the castle’s grandeur. The rally then continued towards Sibiu; however, the day didn’t end there, as an exhilarating night stage added an extra layer of challenge and excitement, ensuring that participants were fully immersed in the rally experience.

4th Stage: Sibiu to Alba Iulia

The final leg began in Sibiu, where participants were getting ready for the 128 km stint towards the checkered flag. The rally then proceeded with a lunch break at Castelnor, offering a moment to savor the journey even more. Continuing their adventure, participants headed towards Alba Iulia Citadel, where the rally reached its grand finale. The day culminated with a prize-giving ceremony at the Medieval Citadel Restaurant, celebrating the achievements of all participants and marking the end of an unforgettable adventure.

Final thoughs

This year’s rally was more than just a competition; it was a journey through history, culture, and camaraderie. Each day brought new experiences, challenges, and opportunities to explore Romania’s most beautiful and historic locations, making it an event to remember. Congratulations to all the teams and winners of Transylvania Vintage Tour 2024!


MG B Roadster (1976)

PEUGEOT 205 (1985)

FIAT 124 BS Spider (1970)

FIAT 1500 Pininfarina (1964)

PORSCHE 911 Turbo (1978)

PORSCHE 911 Carrera (1976)

PORSCHE 944 (1983)

DATSUN 280Z (1978)

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