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We have selected Consiergo clients to perform this year’s season. We come with good news for the little ones – the setting up of a new theater for children and youth, about which Stela Popescu speaks in the Consiergo interview, a great and beloved actress.

Team Consiergo

  • Consiergo: A new theater for children has just been established in Bucharest – Stela Popescu Theater, which had its first performances on 13, 14 and 15 June 2016 at the National Children’s Palace in Bucharest. How do you feel like a theater has your name?
  • Stela Popescu: It’s a fantastic emotion and an extraordinary honor. This whole story lasted a few months and it was a full tear because it’s a state theater and we’ve got a lot of approvals. We had to pray for everyone to receive us.
  • Consiergo: And they received you with great enthusiasm!
  • Stela Popescu: The result was sensational because I want to emphasize that at the Mayoralty conference where the verdict for the establishment of the new theater was given, there was no abstinence, no vote against, and all the counselors congratulated me and spoke very nicely. Because, in fact, it is a great thing to open a theater for children and youth in Bucharest. There are never too many, because the education is precarious at the moment, we live in an age of great disturbances, as it has been in the last 20 years, and another theater that educates children and youth is very important.
  • Consiergo: What does Stela Popescu Theater propose?
  • Stela Popescu: We propose that these children come to us to learn what good and what is evil, to see what quality dance looks like, to learn what beautiful music means and not the music of the dozen they are being assaulted now. Even folklore has been a denaturant lately. All this must be done in front of clean and clear children. This is our desire and we will succeed because we have a very good team! We have extraordinary dancers who combine classic with modern and acrobatic, singers are all conservative graduates. So all the artists involved on the stage do things in performance.
  • Consiergo: And you shine on stage with them.
  • Stela Popescu: Of course! I will be on stage when it’s a role for me, when not, I do not have to play, but I’ll watch the quality of the shows I’m giving.
  • Consiergo: In ce spectacole va vedem din toamna?
  • Stela Popescu: Besides the “Aladin” show, whose official premiere will be in the fall, we will think of “Chirita in Iasi”, “West Side Story,” are famous musicals that we have in sight and show the children in a ” An hour, how long does a show, the true values of the text and the music. In the “Aladin” show we have the Mozart music and, on top, Dimitrie Cantemir! Did you know that Dimitrie Cantemir also wrote the music? Because he lived in a time when the people who were learning the book were polysized. Now everybody takes a path and becomes specialists, eminent doctors in one field, but then a scholar learns all these things, that is, it is initiated in all fields. As proof, Dimitrie Cantemir wrote classical music.
  • Consiergo: The public is less familiar with the fact that you play for children as well.
  • Stela Popescu: 10 Years For Children! I had so many roles at the Comic Opera for Children, an institution founded by Mrs. Smaranda Oteanu Bunea, who also made this theater. I’ve had many roles for Radio Children. There’s not much radio work, but we’ve got permanent radio shows for kids.
  • Consiergo: What other shows can we see?
  • Stela Popescu: Playing at the Constantin Tanase Theater, I have a performance that was written in my honor when I turned 80, entitled “Stela”. Everybody says I do not show the years, but I do not even feel them. This show has been a great success, now the season ends, but from autumn I expect you there. And who knows what other theater I’m invited to play because I still have the power to do it.
  • Consiergo: What performances can you recommend?
  • Stela Popescu: There are many interesting shows throughout Bucharest. It was now the Comedy Festival at the Comedy Theater in Bucharest, where many great artists from the province and abroad, as well as foreign shows and shows that are rarely played in our country, so do not miss the chance to go to festivals in general. Watch theater programs! The theater is like a medicine! The theater rejoices, it gets you healthier. It creates a beautiful horizon. Do not think about all the inconveniences of life that still exist, but the theater makes you forget about it.
  • Consiergo: What advice could you give the young generation?
  • Stela Popescu: Do you know what amazes me? The fact that the world says, “Alas, there are no young actors like you.” It’s not true, I am! Are! Come see them! But they have to work. They should not be limited to a TV show and so. In this profession, in acting, it works enormously if you want to perform. Enormous! And if you do not want to perform, you better not do it. A man has more qualities and than being in the fifth line of acting, he is better off fighting first in another dementia. Therefore, it is imperative to do the performance to get the world in need of you. Here’s the secret: you can ask who you want to take in shows, but it does not matter. They have to say, “Please come to us!” You must become necessary in the field in which you work!


Regizoarea Chris Simion a pus in scena intr-un mod ce emotioneaza minunata poveste de dragoste dintre scriitorul-filosof Mircea Eliade si tanara devenita scriitoare Maitreyi. Urmatoarea reprezentatie are loc pe 3 iulie la Teatrul Bulandra de la ora 19.00 si inlude o distributie ce nu mai are nevoie de nicio prezentare: Maia Morgenstern, Aylin Cadir, Vlad Zamfirescu, Anca Sigartau, Doru Ana, Marius Chivu, Radu Micu.

“Cutia Pandorei”

Nu pierdeti ultimele reprezentatii ale spectacolului “Cutia Pandorei” pe 26.06 si 30.06 de la ora 19.00, la Teatrul Bulandra, in distributia caruia se afla Mariana Mihut si Serban Pavlu! Un spectacol despre iluzia fericirii, ce ii prilejuieste actritei Mariana Mihut un recital de exceptie. “Pentru Mariana Mihut am ales sa montez “Cutia Pandorei”, un text ce jongleaza permanent cu mesaje de umor negru si multiple stari sufletesti.” Felix Alexa 


“Acum ori niciodata”

Actorul Mihai Constantin a pus in scena de la Godot Cafe o comedie ce vorbeste  foarte realist despre casatorie si familie, un spectacol recent a acestui teatru, intitulat “Acum ori niciodata”. Cele patru personaje (Serban Pavlu, Mirela Oprisor, Gheorghe Ifrim, Nicoleta Lefter) sunt oameni obosnuiti in situatii neobisnuite, cu povesti de dragoste atipice. O piesa care place cu siguranta si se joaca vineri, 24 iunie, de la ora 22.00.


“Noi 4″

Piesa “Noi 4″ scrisa si jucata de Lia Bugnar a inceput ca o gluma la care s-au alaturat superba Maria Obretin, amuzanta Ilinca Manolache, si talentatul Marius Manole. Punerea in scena, felul in care regizorul lasa spectatorul sa vada dincolo de cortina, pana la radiografia personajelor modul in care actorii intra si ies din conventia stabilita cu publicul alcatuiesc  o seara de comedie propusa de Cafe Godot pe 25 iunie de la ora 22.00.


Garda “veche” a Teatrului National din Bucuresti isi dau intalnire cu publicul intr-un cadru mult mai intim la Teatrelli, in spectacolul “Quartet” de Ronald Harwood. Astfel, pe 26 iunie de la ora 19.00 va invitam sa nu-i ratati pe Adela Marculescu, Costel Constantin, Damian Crasmaru si Florina Cercel in prima productie a acestui teatru, un elogiu adus actorului, un spectacol emotionant si amuzant sub bagheta regizorala a lui Dan Tudor.

“Hotel California”

Teatrul Teatrelli situat in piata Lahovari este pe 24 iunie de la ora 19.00 gazda unei comedii de Neil simon “Hotel California” – un Oscar, o nunta… o entorsa. Distributia anunta un umor inteligent si fin Carmen Tanase, Radu Gabriel, Tania Filip, Maria Radu, Mircea Constantinescu, Cristina Constantinescu si Alexandru Pietricica. Principala tema a spectacolului este comunicarea dintre generatii si conflictele ce apar intre acestea. 

“Soldatul de ciocolata” sau “Armele si omul”

Regizorul Andrei Serban va semna urmatoarea premiera a teatrului Odeon – “Soldatul de ciocolata”, o comedie foarte des montata in afara, scrisa de George Bernard Shaw. E o piesa care vorbeste despre divizarea Europei, despre nationalism si xenofobie, dar si despre dragoste; teme oricand actuale. Deosebit este faptul ca va puteti intalni cu regizorul Andrei Serban si il puteti admira in plina desfasurare la repetitiile deschise pentru public din 1,2,3,5,6,7 iulie de la ora 19.00 la sala Majestic.