Consiergo Easter Essential

We invite you to leave the worries of Easter holidays to our attention. We have prepared for you a selection of specialists, gift ideas or events that take place around the Easter, so that these days will be fun, relaxing and for the company of your loved ones.

The Consiergo team wishes you Happy Easter!

Easter Workshops

Reunite your family around PASTE traditions! Directly from the villages loaded with tradition we bring home passionate artists under the guidance of which your children and friends have an unforgettable experience: create together eggs painted in special patterns, wooden icons with golden foil or try a unique culinary experience so that cookies have a unique flavor and aroma.

Happy easter! A mother and her daughter painting Easter eggs. Ha
Make your guests a warm welcome

Together with the team of interior design specialists we help you decorate your home with seasonal accessories: Easter bunnies, oversized eggs in bright and bright colors. Preparing your festive meal, from setting up to creating a special menu inspired by your preferences, is also our task so you have a Happy Easter and careless!


Offer a smile!

In this period of renewal and dear to others, we feel the need to give something to those who do not always have what they want. But we know how hard it is to find those people who can trust your gift. That’s why, together with our partners, ARC Romania (Association for Community Relations), we can help you find a cause that really solves a problem and is transparent in using the donation. Forward pasta money to business partners, on their behalf, to consciergo’s recommended charity. Your partners will be notified by means of a letter about the initiative and will feel that they have also contributed to providing a joy.


“Extraordinary Easter Concert” Madrigal National Chamber Choir – Marin Constantin

On Sunday, April 9, 2017, starting at 18:00, the Great Hall of the Romanian Athenaeum hosts the “Extraordinary Paschal Concert”, supported by the Madrigal Chamber Choir – Marin Constantin. The event is one of the precious traditions of the Choir, unfolding for more than half a century. The concert this year coincides with Floral Feasts and will be conducted under the direction of Anne Ungureanu, including both Pascal specific pieces and masterpieces by master Marin Constantin, who have made history in the repertoire of the Coral.


Family Easter, crafts and decorations for children –
Bounty Fair

Easter celebrated in the family is a wonderful opportunity for parents and children to enjoy the holidays together. This year we offer some fun and easy activities for children, which will make the Easter celebration a pleasant and fun event for both the young and the adults. Take advantage of your free time during this period to help the little ones give their free imagination and create the following activities: hair bands, modeling and painting on ceramics, color workshop and velvet, plus many more. Also at “Bounty Fair” you will find handmade products: clothing, footwear, clothing accessories, interior decorations, bio products and raw food. 8.9 April, Bucharest University House.


Brunch with Easter Theme

The chefs come with an avalanche of flavors that will pleasantly surprise all Romanian and foreign clients. Intercontinental Bucharest invites guests to a “Easter Brunchissimo” right in the center of the city. Guests will be able to delight their senses with a wide range of dishes, not to miss the specialties of lamb – steak, lamb and lamb – Cake, pascae, house pies and colorful eggs. Those who do not care much about local habits and want to eat, Easter, exotic dishes can opt for seafood specialties.