Corporate Consiergo Services

3Stress due to lack of time is an important tax that employees pay both at work and outside. Well-designed work / life balance programs are highly valued by employees and have a relatively low cost.

They have become extremely important tools for two main reasons:

They attract employees and cultivate loyalty, in an economy where good employees are hard to find. The best and brightest employees will be attracted to employers who have a strong and distinctive commitment to work / life issues.

  • A less stressed employee is a better employee. Providing time-saving services to employees is essential to help make time to work more efficiently and effectively.

Concierge and comfort services, viewed as a tool for work / life balance, emerged as a necessity in the early 1990s, with a significant share of the benefits offered to employees by successful companies.
Elite Consiergo service packs help rewarding key employees and rewarding valuable customers by helping you differentiate your brand and loyalty to relevant partners.

For Partners / Employees, the advantages of the Consiergo subscription are:

  • Time for hobbies, family and friends
  • Counseling and Access to Lifestyle Services, Medical Services, Home Care,
  • Tourism and Events in the Country and Abroad
  • A team available 24/7

For companies, Consiergo service packages help to:

  • Rewarding key employees, rewarding valuable customers by offering them
  • Recognition and esteem
  • We give employees time to focus on the business

Depending on your company’s needs or the number of clients / employees you want to reward, the offer will be personalized, choosing the right concierge services from the Consiergo Services list. In addition, we provide the companies with the subscription:

  • Office for meetings / workshops in the Consiergo area
Customers can access Consiergo by calling 0737.41.00.00, available 24 hours a day, including weekends.