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Ce spun clientii nostri ?

  • Sold out tickets at Nagoya Sumo Championship requested at last moment? Our specialty! A French customer already on a trip to Asia has requested tickets to the Nagoya Sumo Championship. Although it is a demand for unusual sport in Europe, without getting up from our office chair in Romania, we managed to get two tickets at the end of a very popular championship in Japan. As evidence, the tickets had been sold for some time. The customer was very excited to be participating in the Nagoya Sumo Championshi on July 21, and the Consiergo team is happy to be successful in the past. Did you know that the Japanese sport, sumo, is based on a religious ritual, beyond the tradition well implemented? Our sources say that such a championship is really spectacular to watch!
    Nagoya Sumo Championship sold-out tickets!
  • You were kind of a Good Fairy! Our client was very excited to have made such a last-minute booking at such a gala event. Thank you very much, I appreciate your effort and congratulate you on the high standard of your services. We will recommend it to our clients with confidence!
    Anca Craciun,Private Banking, Bank Transilvania, Executive
  • How do you surprise a good friend who lives in another country? A cake, a bottle of wine accompanied by a wish, immediately reaches the recipient for a special surprise. The customer was able to bring a smile on his friend's lips, and we were pleased to be able to contribute to this surprise gift!
    Distance surprise!
  • Uniqueness, originality, dibacy ... Because every man is unique, his needs and desires can not be put to heap with other people. Consiergo knows how to address each person individually, personally, personally, understands the wishes of the clients, knows how to treat them, and especially how to implement them.
    Andreea Ogararu, Vicepresident Association George Ogararu for Culture & Sport
  • Gentlemen, we'll give you an example that worked great! This week we "orchestrated" a spectacular bachelor party, just as our client wanted for his future wife and best friends. Everything, with the utmost discretion, without the ladies having the slightest idea of ​​what awaits them in Barcelona, ​​where everything has happened - a surprise party, exclusively for the ten ladies, many gifts and a whole "symphony" of spirits , of all sorts. And even if the proofs of love are our most beloved, they sometimes prove to be the most challenging. We have overcome a series of unforeseen events and difficulties over the night, from limo limos strike, which surprised the companies of the genre, to the hotel's refusal to cooperate in the "surprise" of the client, to permanently repel the unforeseen changes Program of ladies and others ... I'll save them all well. And if it were not so thrilling, perhaps the joy of success would not be so great!
    How to surprise your future wife?
  • There are nutritionists who can provide theoretical training (diets, calories per serving, etc.) or chefs who can cook specific menus (traditional Romanian, Mediterranean, Asian, etc.). What did our client want? Change the lady's cooking habits in the house, basically being able to be guided how to prepare healthy menus for the two kids! I have proposed two options: a cook who cooks with natural ingredients and with great care for health, and a passionate and experienced blogger in cooking healthy. Both have suggested cooking sessions with examples of dishes that children (and adults!) Will be attracted to! What did our client choose? Guess! It's quieter, now healthy in the house and the kids do not notice the difference, their favorite food is cooked now healthier!
    Home workshop: let’s cook healthier!
  • Consiergo is the personal insurance for TIMe. It's not life, it's not health, it's TIME insurance.
    Diana Segarceanu, Avenor College
  • I want to thank you in the most special way possible for your help. I do not meet so often someone who understands from the first moment what needs to be done, which will lead to the perfect fulfillment all that was asked and, moreover, to do more than was expected.
    Teodor Ceausu, VP Engineering & Country Manager
  • Bengali. Wild in half. And extraordinary beautiful! What did one of our clients want? 2 Bengali cats. Beyond all the exotic resonances of the name, Bengali cats are truly adorable. And ... we solved: they are beautiful, extremely athletic and agile, energetic and elegant in the colors desired by our client. They look like miniature leopards!
    2 Bengals, pleeease!
  • Where can you best enjoy the fireworks? From the tallest building in Bucharest. Our client asked us to find the perfect place to enjoy this show of lights. Said and done ... We found the highest location with panoramic view and we look forward to the customer feedback after the New Year's party.
    New Year’s Eve at it’s finest!
  • Fitness room design - design, mirrors and high end fitness facilities at the customer's home. Selecting the right equipment and suppliers, based on our customer's information and preferences, negotiating the offer. Delivery of equipment and training in the same week!
  • We had chosen Consiergo as a partner on the exclusive services area, especially for the ease with which we understood our work, for flexibility and for the desire to develop this partnership. We met a team of specialists, always interested in meeting the customer's wishes, but also ensuring a broad range of services at high standards.

    Alina Necula, Head of Marketing & Sales, Adama Group
  • I was difficult to satisfy. Until I met Consiergo ... In my travels and work, I need help quickly, the changes are unpredictable. I'm not happy with it. I searched for a partner with the same reaction speed as mine. Consiergo helps me wherever I may be, also for me and my family.

    Leonard Doroftei, Romanian Box Federation, President
  • Consiergo warmly recommends the promise and engagement to meet our demands, whether it's out-of-the-box tickets to cultural and sporting events, organizing our holidays, or choosing reliable providers, with the case for the education consultant for our children . We have been working together for almost two years, I am a trusty helper.

    Catalin & Anisoara Mircea Family, Public Registrar
  • It's great to have your friends at Consiergo in happy moments, in need or in everyday life. I especially appreciate their creative ideas, dedication, professional attitude, promptitude, organizational capacity and practical help.

    Daniela Nemoianu, Partner Executive, KPMG Romania
  • We loved seeing the children's magic smiles when they discovered the surprises we were preparing for them, decorating their home. Seeing the lights in their eyes we felt that our fir tree, arrangements, coronets and garlands would contribute to a Christmas story! And the story goes on and off, with dozens of lights, reindeer and sledge! And there is something else ... in any holiday prepared home, Santa Claus leaves many wonderful gifts and thoughts! How about a modernly decorated fir tree with silver and purple, large flowers or other special accessories, a playful fir tree that reminds us of childhood or a tree with craft and home made decorations and accessories? We will choose together ... .. Happy Holidays!
    Fairy decoration!
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    (Română) O petrecere de neuitat