Who we are?

CONSIERGO is the first full-service concierge type company in Romania, with an impressive clients portofolio, over 150 top suppliers from various domains an international analisys through our partners from Paris, Monte Carlo & London.

Our company offers a large palette of concierge premium services, from domains such as: Bussines & Personal, Lifestyle & Wellness, House & Management, Medicall recommendations and Tourism & Events.

With a team with over 15 years of experience in this activity core and a professional al and customised approach of these services, CONSIERGO has gained it’s trust among its clients with the important names in Romania and overborders.

The concept of Concierge has its origins from the french expression <> within medieval times, and today defines an amazingly powerful services industry, present in developed countries as associations, private joints, companies with highly trained personnel, ready to fulfil most exclusivist requirements.

Consiergo responds to permanent society’s and man’s main need: time. We are at the customer’s service 24/7, from a simple need, to a more complex and customised task. ” (Carmen Voicu)

“We are a team of active professionals, involved, with over 15 years of experience in complementary areas: medical services, lifestyle & marketing, tourism and events, customer service. We ensure that every customer’s desire is satisfied on time, in optimum conditions, and the result is of irreproachable quality.
The CONSIERGO team works with over 150 carefully selected partners and suppliers and is guided by the principle of proactivity. We have an advanced CRM, specially developed for the concierge service, so that we can serve you urgently and completely. “(Mioara Ionescu)

How we do it?

  • The concierge services provided by CONSIERGO are available only on a yearly basis.
  • The concierge service covers CONSIERGO’s consultancy to meet the request.
  • The service / product requested by the customer is paid to the supplier directly or through CONSIERGO, depending on the customer’s choice.
    CONSIERGO undertakes to provide concierge services on time.
  • The call for these services is made by Call Center 0737 410 000, available 24 hours a day.
  • Each subscription allows three people, close to the recipient, to call within a year.
    CONSIERGO will designate a person as the Account Manager, responsible for providing the services in accordance with the beneficiary’s requests.