Benefits that money cannot buy…

We are a well trained team to fulfil your needs and desires in the shortest  time and with the greatest privacy.

We offer you the moment’s greatest resource: more TIME!

Beside that, you gain acces to an exclusivist lifestyle and precious recommendations, from the best specialists.



Through our partnerships with world-renowned spas, health clinics, nutritionists and fitness experts, we ensure you receive the best health and wellness advice. Do you need programming at a reputable physician? A recommendation for the best pediatric endocrinologists in Romania?



Think of unique and inaccessible experiences! Do you want to enjoy the atmosphere of a Champion League final, participate in Paris Fashion Week or the most wanted “sold-out” theatrical event in London or Bucharest? Want a reservation at restaurant no. 1 in the world?



We are always ready to solve urgent requests so that you can earn valuable time and enjoy your life leaving all our worries: airport or city transfers, urgent deliveries, chefs, car services, relocation and relocation, IT support, Cleaning services, gardening, housekeeping, plumbers, and more.



Whether it’s relaxation or business, our strong relationships across the tourism industry will open the way! Want to surprise your partner with a romantic weekend in an exclusive location? Want to organize a surprise party? The best deals for family holiday?

For individual clients

  • Balance. Relaxed lifestyle
  • Time for you, family and friends
  • Access and Privacy
  • A team is available 24 hours

For companies

  • We support you to give your customers appreciation and differentiation
  • We give employees time to focus on business, recognition and esteem
  • Integrated / complementary services provided by a single service provider